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St. Mary Star of the Sea is a small Catholic Church in Unionville, just west of Hartford, Connecticut. We are a thriving Catholic Community always looking for ways to bring Christ's word out to you. Here you'll find many interesting items related to Catholic life. The weekly bulletins are here, along with the words of many prayers. We now have almost 6 years of weekly bulletins on-line and they are searchable. Just enter a name or a few words in the search box in the lower left of this home page.

You can reach the Education Office at 860-675-8522 or st.mary.unionville.re@gmail.com( NEW)

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Monsignor Motta's - Christ the King Homily 11/25/18

This is the last Sunday of the Church year. It is the feast of Christ the King. Right after World War I, Pope Pius XI instituted this feast day to encourage nations throughout the world to stop warring and killing each other and to look for ways to find peace with no national boundaries - recognizing the fact that it is God alone who reigns supreme.

The Church is the Body of Christ on earth. We are all part of the Body. That is an awesome thought. We are Christ for each other.

Sometimes, people feel excluded from the Church; they do not feel that they measure up to the Church's standards. That is a faulty notion of what the Church should be. We come together to celebrate the Eucharist because we are weak individuals who recognize our dependency upon God and will only find strength and solidarity with each when we come together to pray in memory of the Lord Jesus.

The Church should be a hospital for sinners. It is not a resort for saints. You and I need each other. Most of all we need God in our lives.

The past few years have been painful ones for many Catholics especially in this country. If you are divorced and remarried, you may feel unwelcome. If you are a woman, you may feel anger over the Church's stance on ordination. If you are gay, you may feel excluded from the Church.

But it is not only liberal Catholics who struggle. You may feel that the beauty of the Mass has been watered down and that the mystery that you treasured has been taken away. You may think that too often "the spirit of Vatican II" is taken to mean that anything goes. You may lament that so many Catholics seem to disregard Church teaching and tradition without bothering to learn and understand it. You may feel angered by the hierarchy's increasingly strong opposition to capital punishment or by the Vatican's opposition to war and its support of the United Nations.

Finally, no matter what your theological bent, you may feel angered, confused, saddened or disgusted over the sexual abuse scandal. If you are a layperson, you may be angry with your pastor, your bishop, the bishop's conference or the clergy in general. If you are a priest, you may feel tarred with the brush of scandal. And if you are a victim or the relative of a victim, you may feel particularly hurt.

My friends, whatever the hurt, God has called you here.

This Church of ours, this parish of St. Mary Star of the Sea needs divorced and remarried Catholics. It needs Catholics who protest war and capital punishment. It needs conservatives and liberals, men and women, gays and straights.

As St. Paul wrote, "the body of Christ does not consist of one member, but many. And in order to be healthy, the Church needs all kinds of people - especially those who feel marginalized. "The eye cannot say to the hand, I have no need of you."

How do we know that all of us belong here? Because in baptism all of us were called by God to be active members of the Body of Christ. So while it may be difficult at times to believe that the Church wants you never stop believing that the Church needs you.

Will you please spread this message to your relatives and friends and neighbors who no longer attend Mass?

All are welcome here, always. God bless you.

Bring Warmth To Someone in Need!

Do you have a winter coat that you no longer use? Join us, Best Cleaners and the Salvation Army to bring warmth to someone in need this winter!

The Human Needs Committee will be collecting gently used winter coats in the gathering space, throughout the month of November. Best Cleaners of Farmington will clean the coats for free, and Salvation Army will distribute these coats to people in need. Both adult and children`s coats are appreciated! For more information, please contact Donna Dellacamera at dellacamera@comcast.net, or 860 675-5924.

Children's Christmas Party & Ornament Workshop 2018

The Knights of Columbus and the Fun Committee present a combined event: The Children's Christmas Party and Ornament Workshop on Sunday December 2 from 12:30 to 3:30 pm at he Knights of Columbus Hall, 301 New Britain Ave, Unionville. All children, grandchildren and friends of K of C members and St. Mary Star of the Sea parishioners are welcome to attend. Children should be ages 12 and under. This year, the party includes Tom O'Brien Magic, ornament workshop, Face Painting, a Twelve Days of Christmas Raffle, and a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus! Please sign up for the event no later than November 25th so we can properly prepare for the special day.

Sign Up Sheets will be in the Fr. Golas Gathering space at church, K of C Hall or call Olivia or Timothy Germano at (860) 678-0597 or (860) 212-2516.

Piano Concert Photos

Rick Daddario our music director held his annual piano concert in the church on November 18. The concert, open to the general public and FREE OF CHARGE, featured a medley of standard favorites, songs from Broadway and film, and pop/contemporary tunes. All donation proceeds were donated to The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Connecticut Chapter. [click on a picture for a larger image]

Refreshments, hosted by the choir were offered in the gathering space following the performance.

FOOD COLLECTION for our friends at Westerleigh

We are collecting the following items for our elderly, low income and/or disabled friends at Westerleigh on Plainville Avenue in Unionville all of the weekends of November. St Mary's and 3 other area church founded the Farmington Ecumenical Elderly Housing Corporation decades ago and built Westerleigh for 60 such residents to live safely. The collection is ONLY for the following items as they will be given a recipe using these items to make a healthy meal. Many Westerleigh residents are very low income and will greatly appreciate our parish's contributions to their welfare.

The items requested are:
12.5 oz cans of Swanson Premium White Chunk Chicken,
No Salt Added Veg-All (15 oz can), Low Sodium Chicken Broth (32 oz carton),
Uncooked Rice.

Please see the display in the Gathering Space for more details. If you have questions please contact Lynne Murphy at 860-673-9551.

From the Human Needs Committee:y

The Christmas giving tree, decorated with gift tags to assist individuals and families in need, has been set up in our gathering space. Each tag represents a specific gift and associated charitable organization.

Information about each organization is provided on the poster next to the tree. If you take a tag, please be certain to provide the item requested by December 9.

You may return the wrapped gift AND the original tag during the regularly scheduled masses on the first 2 weekends of December.

Diapers do not need to be wrapped. Gift cards or monetary donations including checks, may be placed in the locked wooden box under the tree.

PLEASE- Return gifts for tags taken, no later than December 9. Attach original tag to the gift or envelope. You may contact Donna Dellacamera at 860 675-5924 or ddellacamera@comcast.net for any questions.

Thank you for your generous support!

ALL WOMEN of St. Mary`s Parish

Please join us for the annual Women's Guild Christmas Dinner, catered by George's on Tuesday December 11 at 6 PM (cost is $15, checks payable to St. Mary's Women Guild).

Sign up on the Guild's board in the gathering space or contact Jackalyn Gray 860-490-8835 (86 Perry Street Unionville Ct 06085) by December 9.

We will have a cookie swap after dinner, for anyone who would like to participate.

Religious Education News

Instructors and Hall Monitors are needed for our religious education program (Grades 1,2,3,) starting in the fall.

Without your volunteer efforts our program will struggle to get up and running. Time is of the essence as the Archdiocese of Hartford has specific requirements that all volunteers must complete prior to working directly with children.

So if you or someone you know can help out, contact Deacon Tom at (860-675-8522) or st.mary.unionville.re@gmail.com.

From our pastor Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

From the time of Jesus to the present day there have always been people who will forecast the end of the world. The fact of the matter is that we have no idea when it will occur, no idea at all. So what do we do - live in fear and do nothing about the future or do we make plans for our children and our children's children and live in hope of better days and a better world? I say let's be optimists, follow the Lord and live on in hope. Experience has proven that for every ending there is a new beginning. We just concluded another church year. This month we begin a New Year. So happy New Year.

So what are we supposed to do during this coming year? We are supposed to change our lives and reform our ways. That's not easy - is it? It is not easy to change. Oh sure some people love change for the sake of change but the older we get it seems the harder it is to change.

I think that when you talk about reluctance to change, you talk about basically two kinds of people: those who think about change intellectually and those who feel emotionally about it. The intellectuals say: show me and explain to me why it is better for me to change. If you do, they change and are happy about it. The emotional people say: I don't care what you say or do. I have no desire to change no matter what. Unfortunately, oftentimes things change around them and they go through life unhappy and ignorant of why others seem to be content and they are not.

We Catholics have been through a lot of change in the past 50 years. I remember when I first went into Seminary in 1961 how many priests and sisters were leaving their vocation because they couldn't accept change. Sometimes it was difficult for us students to find a role model to look up to. It was my experience that those who possessed an education and understood why thing were changing were much more prepared for the post Vatican II Church. In those parishes where this knowledge was passed onto the laity the transitions took place much more beautifully and with less anxiety on the part of the faithful. Obviously, where change happened with reluctance - that attitude was passed on to the laity.

If the universal Church suffers from any one major fault it is poor communication and poor public relations. Good things are happening but they are not always portrayed in the most favorable light. We do not always use the media and papers to our full advantage

God bless you.

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Today's Readings

December 12, 2018

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Reading 1:
Zec 2:14-17
Judith 13:18bcde, 19

Lk 1:26-38

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Saint of the Day

Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12. The Blessed Virgin’s appearance at Tepeyac to Saint Juan Diego in 1531, was the beginning of a beautiful story of God’s and Mary’s love and care for the peoples of Mexico. As Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Blessed Virgin was named patroness of all of the Americas in 2003.

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Music Ministry
The Music Ministry at Saint Mary's invites creative and inspirational participation for both, instrumental and choral support with our weekend liturgies.

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Weekly Readings

Dn 7:13-14/Ps 93:1, 1-2, 5 [1a]/Rv 1:5-8/Jn 18:33b-37
Rv 14:1-3, 4b-5/Ps 24:1bc-2, 3-4ab, 5-6 [cf. 6]/Lk 21:1-4
Rv 14:14-19/Ps 96:10, 11-12, 13 [13b]/Lk 21:5-11
Rv 15:1-4/Ps 98:1, 2-3ab, 7-8, 9 [Rv 15:3b]/Lk 21:12-19
Rv 18:1-2, 21-23; 19:1-3, 9a/Ps 100:1b-2, 3, 4, 5 [Rv 19:9a]/Lk 21:20-28
Rom 10:9-18/Ps 19:8, 9, 10, 11 [10 or Jn 6:63]/Mt 4:18-22
Rv 22:1-7/Ps 95:1-2, 3-5, 6-7ab [1 Cor 16:22b; cf Rv 22:20c]/Lk 21:34-36
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Jer 33:14-16/Ps 25:4-5, 8-9, 10, 14 [1b]/1 Thes 3:12--4:2/Lk 21:25-28, 34-36