2019-08-1119th Sunday in Ordinary TimeRev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

Soon, we will begin the football season. The final goal in a football game is to win but in order to do that the team must strive to achieve intermediate goals within the game. In other words the team must make first downs along the way.

I believe that life is a lot like that. Your final goal is to get into heaven but in order to achieve that goal you have to do things here on earth that will bring you closer to God and your neighbor.

Sometimes you have to carry the ball and sometimes you are expected to help other people carry the ball. Sometimes you have to block for them and other times they block for you.

I am sure that at times, you feel that you are carrying the ball all by yourself and no one is blocking for you. That is when you get bruised and hurt. There are times you fail and there are times you succeed. You can learn something from your failures and you can learn from the successes of others.

2. I am sure that there are times when you forget your final goal which is to get to heaven. That is because you are thinking about your education, your job, your clothes, your cars, your food, your pets and your recreational activities. If these things become an end in themselves, it can be destructive.

If a football player becomes so pre-occupied with running and passing but he forgets to head for the goal line, then all of his efforts are for nothing. So it is with your life. All of your education, all of your activities, will amount to nothing if you forget the real purpose of your life which is to get into heaven.

Today is a good day to evaluate your priorities and the purpose of your life. Too many people have lost sight of their final goal. Do not be one of them.

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