2020-04-10Good FridayRev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ is very long and very dramatic. St. John tells us what happened to the man from Nazareth, the man who preached love and peace to a world which did not want to hear these things.

Let's imagine for a couple of minutes that we are the early disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of you might remember that television show "You Are There". Well, let's say that we are there with our Lord on that very first Holy Week. We are the ones who were actually his very close friends. We are the ones who knew him in a very special way. We are the ones who spent three years with him; walking with him, talking with him, three years trying to comprehend his message.

Yes, we were there on Palm Sunday when it looked like Jesus would be the next king. We chanted Hosanna with the crowd, we carried the palms. Everything was going our way, everything looked so good. Surely the time was ripe for Jesus to take over.

How could things change so quickly? We were there in the upper room for supper and Jesus started speaking about one of us who was going to betray him. How could that be, all of us were his friends. When we went for a walk that night Jesus was taken prisoner. How could it be, how could it happen? He had done nothing wrong. How could Judas, the man we trusted with our money, sell him out like that? Well, today is Friday the day they plan to kill our friend. You would think that we would be there trying to stop it but we are not. We ran scared, fearful for our lives. I hear that they are looking for us. They want to kill us too for being his followers. Everything looks dim now. They just nailed him to cross -- that's only reserved for the worst of criminals. Three o'clock he died; what do we do now? Jesus was our life, our hope, our leader.

That's the feeling that we would have if we were there on that very first Good Friday. But we were not there. We are here commemorating that very sad occasion in the year 2020. As Christians, as disciples of 2020 we know that come Easter that Jesus will rise from the dead and reappear to his friends.

Good Friday would not make any sense if there were not an Easter Sunday.

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