2020-04-12Easter SundayRev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

The celebration of Easter comes at different times during the months of March and April. How do we know when to celebrate it? The date for Easter comes on the Sunday after the first full moon of the vernal equinox. What is the equinox? It is when the sun shines over the equator equally and the daylight is as long as the nightfall. What does vernal mean? It means springtime. Where do we get the name Easter? It comes from pagan festivities associated with the vernal equinox.

In many languages they refer to Easter as the paschal mystery. What does paschal man? It is the lamb that was sacrificed for the Jewish feast of Passover. The blood of the lamb saved the Jewish people as they escaped from Egypt. Jesus is the paschal lamb for us. It is by the shedding of his blood that we are saved.

The big candle is called the paschal candle. It represents Jesus or the light of the world it will be lit for 50 days to celebrate Jews rising from the dead. It will be extinguished on Pentecost Sunday with the coming of the Holy Spirit. It is also lit for our baptism when we become part of God's family and at our funeral when we meet Christ face to face.

Jesus Christ conquered death and came back from the dead to see his friends and disciples. If we stay close to Jesus, we can live with Him and our loved ones forever. That is what Easter is all about.

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