2020-04-192nd Sunday of EasterRev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

The First reading is taken from the Acts of the Apostles. It is one of the most interesting books in the Bible because it talks about the early days of the Church.

Sometimes, I get disillusioned about what is happening in our church today. Fewer people especially younger people no longer go to Church. Many times I will ask people to pray for them because they need our prayers. When people no longer worship they are susceptible to bad temptations. We have permitted the enemies of Christianity to become too strong in our society.

Why are we so educated in many areas of life and yet so deficient in our knowledge of the Christian faith?

We cannot permit the forces of evil to overtake our children and us. We cannot become so sophisticated that we lose sight of our ultimate goal, which is to live with God in heaven.

Our belief in Jesus Christ and his message is the most precious gift that we have.

The Easter message is that with death comes resurrection. In other words, for every bad thing that happens expect something better to follow. I believe that with all of my heart. As the Christophers said: "If everyone lit just one little candle what a bright world it would be."

Catch that sprit. Light that fire and effect some change in your life.

Be like the apostle Thomas in the Gospel and tell the world that you believe in Jesus Christ, your Lord and your God. God bless you!

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