2020-07-1215th SundayRev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

A sower went out to sow some seed. Some of it fell on good ground and it took root. Some of it was carried away by birds. Some of it was thrown among the rocks and never had a chance. What the farmer is doing as he scatters the seed is called "broadcasting."

Let`s apply that concept to people. We broadcast what we hold dear and some of it is heard and some of it is not. I often hear parents remark: We tried very hard to share our faith with our children but they don`t go to Church on Sundays. What happened? We even made sure that they had a parochial school education or they went to a Catholic college.

What do we do now? We are worried about our grandchildren. They don`t go to Church either.

The first thing that we need to do is to pray and not nag them. Pray that they come to know and love Jesus as we do.

The second thing to do is to provide a good example. We must be living witnesses of the love of Jesus Christ. St. Francis of Assisi told his followers to go out and preach the Gospel. Sometimes, he said, you might have to use words. The grace of God works in strange ways sometimes. It might take years. Sometimes, people are moved to participate at the Eucharistic banquet during the major holidays such as Christmas and Easter. When they come to Mass on those occasions, what kind of reception do they receive from us? Is it warm and embracing? Or are we somewhat perturbed because they are sitting in our pew? Do they see us participating at Mass to the fullest extent? Do they see us saying our prayers with devotion?

When someone I love stops going to Church, I know that I go through a similar checklist. Did that person stop coming to Church or join another denomination because of something that I said or did? Did I provide a good example? Did I say Mass as prayerfully as I could? Did I put enough time and prayer into the preparation of my homily? In other words, what was I broadcasting?

Farmers will tell you that planting the seeds he soil is only part of the process. After you plant those seeds, you need water and sunshine but most of all you need patience for those seeds to take root.

You never know. Sometimes those seeds bear little fruit but sometimes those little seeds bear a huge harvest.

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