2020-11-01All Saints DayRev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

One is the Loneliest Number

The month of November in the Church calendar provides us with the opportunity to honor our deceased loved ones.

When all is said and done, you come to the realization that life on earth is all about relationships with one another. When you respond to your brothers and sisters in need with care, compassion and generosity, God is very pleased. The reward for those charitable actions is eternal life in heaven where you will live forever with those very same brothers and sisters. Life in heaven is also about relationships.

Our God is a God of mystery. Although God is one, God exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a relationship of love. St. John says that God is love and love is God. Love always exists in relationship.

When we come to worship at Mass we come as a community of faith and love looking for strength and encouragement from one another so that we can do God`s work on earth. We do not pray alone. We pray in solidarity as children of God.

Sometimes when a person dies, that person needs further purification before he or she can enter heaven. We call that purification process, purgatory.

What is purgatory? I have heard many explanations over the years. I am going to offer an explanation that makes the most sense to me. Purgatory resembles a place or process by which we meet those people with whom we have had difficulties or conflicts on earth. Purgatory provides us with an opportunity to resolve those issues. Once we reconcile with those individuals, we can make the transition to heaven. Once our anger and bitterness is gone then we can enjoy God`s peace forever.

Consequently, those in purgatory continue to need our prayers to help them make that leap from anger and hate to love.

Those already in heaven, those that we have known and loved on earth pray for us on a regular basis so that we can deal with the difficulties and complexities of life here on earth.

The Church is not confined to earth. It also exists in heaven. We are never alone. There is always a communion or communication between the natural and supernatural life.

It is just a matter of time on earth before we join our family and friends in the next world. In heaven there will be no more conflicts or suffering but only a peace and joy that will last forever.

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