2020-12-133rd Sunday of AdventRev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

I don`t know about you but I find these short days of daylight somewhat depressing. Darkness comes too early. Thank God that it won`t be long before the days start getting longer again.

We really do not know the exact birthday of Jesus Christ. We celebrate it on December 25th but we do not know for sure if that is correct. Jesus has often been called the light of the world, especially in St. John`s Gospel. People who have had near death experiences talk about seeing the person of light. We believe that person of light is Jesus Christ. Christians in the early days were very conscious of that title, "light of Christ." It is no wonder that there is an increase in the light of day after December 25th. What the early Christians did was to Christianize or baptize a big pagan holiday called the Feast of Saturnalia or the feast of the "Sun (SUN) God" and replace it with the birth date of the Son (SON) of God.

When St. John the Evangelist talks about John the Baptist, he says that there was man named John sent by God who came, as a witness, to testify to the light - but only to testify to the light for he himself was not the light. John the Baptist`s mission was to prepare the way for the light of God.

I think that it is very interesting that the birthday of John the Baptist is celebrated on June 24th. Every day after his birth date, the day grows shorter and night comes quicker. John himself said that he must decrease so that Jesus might increase.

John the Baptist`s mission in life was to prepare the way for the Son of God. Wouldn`t it be wonderful if we could do the same - prepare the world that we live in for the Son of God - to spread the light of Christ into the darkness and evilness around us.

If we could light just one little candle with our lives. If we could just make some positive contribution with the gifts and the talents that God has blessed us with. Sometimes I think that God`s master plan is like a big blueprint and that each one of us has a role, a part to play in that plan.

Sometimes it seems that we live in a world that is cruel and impersonal. Sometimes it seems like we are alone and the majority of people are against us. We are like that one lone voice in the desert crying out, trying to make straight the way of the Lord but no one seems to be listening. It can get discouraging but alI I can say is do not give up.

Good holy people, who have lived before you, have prepared the way for you to know and love Jesus. They were like John the Baptist in your life and you must thank God every day for the blessing they have been for you. Now you must prepare the way for others - you must tell our children about the light- about Jesus Christ the Lord.

Jesus came to us as a human being many years ago. He gave us a glimpse of heaven. He showed us the compassion and the love of God for He was God walking the face of the earth. Jesus Christ lives in us when we receive the Eucharist. Jesus speaks to us when we listen to the Gospels. And Jesus will come again to judge the world and us in the future.

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