2021-01-01New YearsRev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

2020 is a year that we will never forget. Our church was closed down on March 16th. We did not even get to celebrate St. Patrick`s Day. We were closed for Lent, Holy Week and Easter because of Covid 19.

Many of my friends have been quarantined ever since. Thank God I was able to play golf.

I celebrated a number of funerals. Most of them were graveside. Some had Covid 19.

We hope and pray for a solution in 2021. Most of us are anxious to get the vaccine.

However, the pandemic produced some good things. We got to see how dedicated many people were to the sick. Many people have recognized the fact that healthcare workers are true heroes. They have shown their appreciation for them with signs of love acknowledging that fact. We have been praying for our healthcare workers and they need our prayers. They have been overworked and I am sure that they are exhausted because of it.

On the 4th of July we were able to celebrate in Church again and some people have attended Mass. The majority of people have taken advantage of the dispensation from attending Mass. That dispensation has been extended to the last day before Ash Wednesday.

Although we have been confined to our homes for the most part, it has provided us with the opportunity to be together as a family. If distance from our families prevents us from being with each other, then we have been in touch by phone, facebook and facetime.

The Kingdom of God is present when we respond to each other as God would.

That means extending the love of God to other people. That act of loving each other has increased during this pandemic.

Good things and bad things have happened in 2020.

A good question to ask ourselves is what have I learned from this experience? How can I make it a better world in the future?

How can I love God more? How can I love my neighbors as I love myself?

No matter how bad it gets here on earth, God has a better plan for our future.

If we love God and we love our neighbor, we will be able to live in happiness with God and with those who have pre-deceased us for all eternity.

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