2021-04-254th Sunday of EasterRev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

This is Good Shepherd Sunday. I usually take the opportunity on this Sunday to talk about my priesthood.

I've told you before that from the time I was a child, I always thought about becoming a priest. I went to St. Thomas Seminary high school. The Archdiocese of Hartford no longer has a high school seminary. Most candidates today for the priesthood complete their education in college and then go into the seminary for four years of post graduate courses in the study of theology.

I will be a priest for 49 years in May. I am very fortunate to be a priest. It is a wonderful vocation. Being a priest lasts until the day you die but retirement from pastoral responsibilities happens at the age of 75. I will retire from those responsibilities in November.

Preaching at a funeral is perhaps easiest for me. Many people find that surprising. After all of these years in the priesthood I have come to the realization that life continues in heaven and people need to hear that especially when they lose someone that they love

Jesus died and rose from the dead and then appeared to his disciples in his resurrected body. Jesus conquered death and showed us that he was alive. If we stay close to Jesus in this life, we will live with Jesus forever. How can you beat that? You will live forever with all those you love and you will do so with no limitations. No more aging. No more aches and pains no more difficulties and no more disagreements.

I end every funeral homily with this passage from St. Paul (1Cor2:9) "Eye has not seen nor has ear heard the wonderful things that God has in store for those who love Him." I strongly believe that God will keep that promise.

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