2021-10-0327th Sunday in Ordinary TimeRev. Msgr. Michael J. Motta, D.Min.

Many people have left the Catholic Church because of today`s Gospel. They are divorced and re-married and they feel that Catholic teaching on this matter is too harsh.

The number of Catholics who have left the Church over the years is very high. The problem is that the Catholic Church is attempting to follow the Bible on this matter.

The Church, more recently, has tried through the Canon law process to grant annulments or more properly speaking declarations of nullity for those marriages that they deemed not sacramental. A sacrament means that you grow closer to Jesus Christ. Many marriages do not reflect that reality. Consequently, the Church declares them non-marriages.

But, it`s because the Church needs witnesses and proof that these marriages were not sacramental. It is a difficult and many times painful process.

However, with this present Pope things look brighter for those who are divorced and re-married.

Pope Francis does not want to change Church teaching but he wants to show compassion and sensitivity to those who have had a bad experience with their married life.

Pope Francis encourages those who have been divorced and re-married to see their parish priest so that they will be able to receive Holy Communion. The Eucharist is not a reward for a good life. The Eucharist is food for those who need healing in their life. Jesus often healed those who were sick both physically and emotionally.

I am very pleased with this approach. If you have family or friends that need spiritual healing in this regard, tell them to see me.

I believe in the mercy of God just as I believe that there is nothing we can do and not be forgiven.

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